Happy Lunar New Year!

Today is the start of The Year of Ox.  It has been said that last year, the Year of Rat, was going to be a particularly bad year.  And somehow, many things happened.  Now that is behind us, let us look forward to the new. 

One thing I found through the Stay-At-Home period is that turning to studying spirituality, meditation while keeping physical health has helped me in maintaining sanity through all the turmoil.  In addition to my Christian school background, I gained a view into how buddhist look at life, re-incarnation, karma, doing good deeds and living a positive life.  Each day, if you can find that clam within yourself, it will help you become a better person.  A life dedicated to being kind, compassionate and helping others will bring much rewards.  Our 41st President has called for ‘a kinder gentler nation’ in his time, and I think we do need to keep that in mind as we go through our daily life and make our own sphere a better place.  May God be with us and guide us forward.  Please comment, like or follow, Thanks

Happy New Year!
Everything Goes According to Your Wish!
with Auspicious Chants

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