Finicky Things About Face (面子)

Many Asian will tell you the teaching of being selfless is the ultimate state of bliss, and on an intellectual level, it seems to make sense.  After all, if we are one with the universe, nature, human world, we won’t have anything to worry about right?  Life is nothing but a series of struggles, pain and suffering.  Among the bunch of causes for all the suffering, consider the popular adage of losing face, which is one of the values I grew up with intimately.  

Many aspects of our human societal norm is based on keeping face, such as keeping up with the Jones, what school kids are able to attend, how much money we make, what car we drive, what neighborhood we live in.  Further, in our relationships, with our spouse, kids/parents, co-workers, boss and others, when we have disagreements, we are probably subconsciously thinking how it looks to yield, and instinctively maintaining one is right.  To continue to keep the face, we deploy all of our resources and attention in defending our position and conflict arise.  Anger, disappointment and resentment follows and we go down the whirlpool of vicious cycle.  How can we be happy? 

In a way, letting go of our face can suddenly bring ourselves back into the state of bliss and away from pain and suffering.  Your world and sphere of influence can move towards a better place.  If one person can do this and help others realize to practice letting go of the face, wouldn’t we be realizing the state of bliss for everyone?  Please comment, like or follow, thanks!

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