Introverted Naomi Osaka Takes A Break – What to Do if You Are An Introvert?

World champion Naomi Osaka refused to attend press conference at French Open, due to her anxiety and being an introvert. Well many of us are introvert and not as accomplished. How do we cope with the extrovert world, be successful and still find that inner peace? We all have the struggle to fit in, to be successful, and still can’t and don’t want to be like an extrovert. So it is important to find that balance of success/external world facing and inner peace/self fulfillment. May Naomi come back strong and may all of us find inner joy & happiness.

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FSBO Checklist

In this scorching hot real estate market, some sellers opt to do it themselves without hiring a pro. Main reason usually is to save the commission to the listing agent, but there could be other reasons. If the property is priced right and had sufficient exposure, and sellers’ expectations are in check, there is no reason the property will sit for too long. For the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) sellers, here is a small checklist to see if the property sale is on track.

Is your property on the market for more than 2 weeks?

No, keep the fsbo effort

Yes, a review of pricing, marketing, property condition and seller expectation may be necessary

Are you compensating buyers’ agents?

Are you relying only on Craigslist?  At least using a flat fee MLS listing service?

Do you know the comps in the immediate neighborhood?

Is your property vacant for showing?  How are you doing open house?

Do you have all the repairs done?  How about a current inspection report? How appealing does the property look?

Have you received/rejected any offers?  With focused marketing and showing, there will be buyer hype and if the property is a good property, it will generate multiple offers.

Have you estimated sellers’ net? are you familiar with all things that could go wrong in a close and how to remedy each? How about ranking offers and arranging for backup offers? Escalation clause and how/when to use it?

Do you have the next residence lined up?  Considered 1031 exchange?  

At what point would you consider using a full service realtor?

Is it OK to miss the selling window for the next year or two?

If seller goes through these questions and answer each of question honestly, that exercise can help to stay at the current course, or perhaps talk to agents who are great in helping out with all of the above, plus more. Either way, happy selling!

Cash Offer in SF Bay Area Explained

There are many benefits to a cash offer, but only for the right seller. Watch the video to find out the formula investor buyers uses to evaluate property, and what sellers may go through to either accept or reject the offer! Of course, use a realtor with good understanding of both sides to ensure entering and completing the purchase agreement!

India Fundraiser

The organizer, Trisha, is my friend’s daughter. AND this is a humane thing to do to help get oxygen into parts of India. Please help with anything you can! Thx. 

I forwarded the fundraiser to my contacts in LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter etc., since it follows what I think of ZenjiNet, helping others do good easily. Everyday, I look at the news and find many needs at different parts of the world and I pray/chant for helping to relieve the pain & suffering of the living, and sending the dead peacefully into their next destination. Let’s do our small part so it is a better place by just that much.

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Are you over 40?  Do you feel kids nowadays don’t really need parenting?  

Ever since the launch of iphone in 2007, those who can afford the device and eventually made them available to their kids, exponentially expanded the usage of Google.  Similarly, the first Android smartphone was released in 2008, luring a whole sleuth of phone developers like Samsung and others.  These handy devices provided the young with inexhaustible amounts of information as they grew up with the ‘let’s Google it’ mentality.  

Folks over 40 use google purposefully to supplement gaps in knowledge, to research new places/trends, etc.  It’s like going to the store with specific items to buy in mind.  In contrast, our GenG lives on-line, like hanging around in a 24/7 worldwide mall.  So GenG is in tune with all the new movements, up on news of interest, trends that are in, orders grocery and food on-line, posts on social media constantly, and gathers large followings, and rarely relies on their parents about any knowledge.  All of the digital life needs are being met on-line.  I am over-simplifying the GenG, and each of you will have your own take on it, but this is the gist of it.  Human parents are being replaced by Google and the on-line world. When we say something to kids, it is one person experience/perspective, whereas with Google and the on-line cohort, it is multiple person opinion, and Google is really good at showing/teaching the facts and knowledge.  

So the reverse is now true, we have to often learn from our kids since they find the right information much faster and more readily.  Recognizing this change in family life can lead to better harmony and happiness.  Yes I am talking about learning from our young; we may be wiser, but perhaps not smarter, than our own kids.  And perhaps in the workplace the implication can be huge as well.  During the next ten years time, as the current 20 – 30 matures into decision making roles, many policies, knowhow, technology and how to do things will be replaced.  No judgement of good or bad, just changes that will evolve.  What do you think?  Please like, comment, share and follow, Thanks,

Hidden Cost of Pandemic – Suicidal Depression

As the second (or third?) wave of Covid rages on in various parts of the world, even parts that are gradually re-opening are not completely fine.  We are still under an unspoken spell, the kind that can kill especially our younger generation.  My friend Simon sent me an article while I was in New York with the family celebrating my son’s graduation from Columbia law school.  I was disturbed while reading and walking in Central Park, and really wanted to do something for the family and perhaps best is to relay the article here and offer my assistance in spreading the awareness.

Young Hayden took his own life at the start of pandemic lock down, not able to meet friends at school and have any social activities.  The sense of hopelessness is probably a strong sentiment among youth during pandemic.  His family is not poor by any means but they never saw this coming.  Hayden was a leader in school and played football; social, and liked by his friends.  Not a picture of depressed youth, and yet it happened.  In Clark County Nevada, since Covid started, 24 students have taken their own lives, almost 3 times of norm.  Covid is killing our youth in more ways than one, and we need to be more aware in talking and guiding our youth.  

Dad Brad put out a video to share what happened and calls for all parents to be alert of the mental health issue (  He also created a foundation ( and now lives a very changed life since the tragedy.  We cannot tell the mental trauma from outside, perhaps it is necessary to explore more internal thoughts?  Coincidentally, saw someone posting today that ‘I rather hear your depressed thoughts than you are dead’ or something to that effect.  

Crude but true.  We may not like to hear depressed thoughts, but if that is where you are at, talk to someone.  In buddhism teaching, we say there is no constant, so no matter how bad (or good) things seem, it will pass; tomorrow is always another day and you don’t know what is in store.  We can only control our own intention and sow seeds of good deeds so we can reap the rewards later in this (or next) life.  Another buddhism teaching is Samsara, loosely translating to reincarnation, which viewed negatively means repeated cycles of birth, misery and death caused by karma. But it also means that our karma changes according to our own deeds and that familiar souls travel through life in very connected ways.  Karma and Samsara are actually inseparable. But we can learn to control our intention and deeds, in turn, impacting our karma and samsara.  Please like, comment, share and follow.

Realms of Samsara (Reincarnation)
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Praying for India!

I hope this news piece is not entirely true. Praying and chanting for India, and her people. Let’s keep our guards up until we are completely rid of the impact. Please like, comment, share and follow, Thx