My Suspender Look – A Tribute To My Dad


I have been wanting to do a tribute for my late dad for awhile, but needed to muster up some courage as well as fight my tendency of procrastination. But here it is. Even though it can be more complete and more polished, I had condensed his life into 8 minutes. I finally did at least one public tribute for him.

Please take some time to reflect on your important relationships, especially with your family. We came into this world with all of our karmic energy and people close to us travel through lives together. Let’s appreciate the karmic forces and continue to evolve into best self. We have both buddha in us and been made in the image of God. Let’s let it shine through.

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God Bless


Are you over 40?  Do you feel kids nowadays don’t really need parenting?  

Ever since the launch of iphone in 2007, those who can afford the device and eventually made them available to their kids, exponentially expanded the usage of Google.  Similarly, the first Android smartphone was released in 2008, luring a whole sleuth of phone developers like Samsung and others.  These handy devices provided the young with inexhaustible amounts of information as they grew up with the ‘let’s Google it’ mentality.  

Folks over 40 use google purposefully to supplement gaps in knowledge, to research new places/trends, etc.  It’s like going to the store with specific items to buy in mind.  In contrast, our GenG lives on-line, like hanging around in a 24/7 worldwide mall.  So GenG is in tune with all the new movements, up on news of interest, trends that are in, orders grocery and food on-line, posts on social media constantly, and gathers large followings, and rarely relies on their parents about any knowledge.  All of the digital life needs are being met on-line.  I am over-simplifying the GenG, and each of you will have your own take on it, but this is the gist of it.  Human parents are being replaced by Google and the on-line world. When we say something to kids, it is one person experience/perspective, whereas with Google and the on-line cohort, it is multiple person opinion, and Google is really good at showing/teaching the facts and knowledge.  

So the reverse is now true, we have to often learn from our kids since they find the right information much faster and more readily.  Recognizing this change in family life can lead to better harmony and happiness.  Yes I am talking about learning from our young; we may be wiser, but perhaps not smarter, than our own kids.  And perhaps in the workplace the implication can be huge as well.  During the next ten years time, as the current 20 – 30 matures into decision making roles, many policies, knowhow, technology and how to do things will be replaced.  No judgement of good or bad, just changes that will evolve.  What do you think?  Please like, comment, share and follow, Thanks,

How to Choose a Life of Possibilities

When I was 17, I was in Japan happily going through Japanese educational system but even back then, I could visualize what my life would be like at 35.  Predictably, a mid-level manager in a large Japanese company handling overseas business.  So when I had an opportunity to come to the US, I jumped at the chance.  So much unknown, and so many possibilities.  I loved the challenge of the unknown and can feel my blood pumping in my body to thrive in a new environment.  

Then later in my life, I hit another crossroad, this time in my personal relationship as I pondered a path of security and affluence vs. the unknown and new possibilities.  Again, I chose the life of possibilities and left my second marriage.

The ever learning and improving of our lives, seeking possibilities, it keeps me young and on my toes.  I am the same person as I was at 17, but also a wiser and more improved version of myself.  At some point, I will lose the I and be one with the universe. It is never too late to take a different path and discover the possibilities in your life.  Please comment, like, share or follow!  Thanks, 

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Finicky Things About Face (面子)

Many Asian will tell you the teaching of being selfless is the ultimate state of bliss, and on an intellectual level, it seems to make sense.  After all, if we are one with the universe, nature, human world, we won’t have anything to worry about right?  Life is nothing but a series of struggles, pain and suffering.  Among the bunch of causes for all the suffering, consider the popular adage of losing face, which is one of the values I grew up with intimately.  

Many aspects of our human societal norm is based on keeping face, such as keeping up with the Jones, what school kids are able to attend, how much money we make, what car we drive, what neighborhood we live in.  Further, in our relationships, with our spouse, kids/parents, co-workers, boss and others, when we have disagreements, we are probably subconsciously thinking how it looks to yield, and instinctively maintaining one is right.  To continue to keep the face, we deploy all of our resources and attention in defending our position and conflict arise.  Anger, disappointment and resentment follows and we go down the whirlpool of vicious cycle.  How can we be happy? 

In a way, letting go of our face can suddenly bring ourselves back into the state of bliss and away from pain and suffering.  Your world and sphere of influence can move towards a better place.  If one person can do this and help others realize to practice letting go of the face, wouldn’t we be realizing the state of bliss for everyone?  Please comment, like or follow, thanks!

Recreational Hikes

In deed, during the lock down or stay at home in the past year, gyms/clubs closed, restaurants closed, most other entertainment venues closed, bars/gathering places closed, no/very little travel, so even if you had money, there weren’t many places for people to go to. Gyms had to be brought back in home, and on-line fitness classes saw a huge increase in popularity as (I hope) all of us tried to stay fit physically. But of course, we are all feeling semi-depressed since we can only have very limited contact to the outside world.

So for some, like myself, taking hikes became a way to be social and get out of the house and hopefully out of the madness for a short while to reset. My brother-in-law has been coming to meet with us once a week on weekends to go hiking and afterwards dinner at home. I am happy to say that in Northern California (Bay Area), we see weather where almost all year round hiking is possible. We are surrounding by plenty of hill & mountain ranges to have many great hiking trails. It does feel good to be on the trail to enjoy better air and sometimes we don’t even need the mask if the trail is free of other hikers. A good 2 – 4 hours spent in hiking and getting there/back gives us good appetite for the dinner, whatever we happen to cook. It is usually a therapeutic experience and helps to reset our mind. It is a bit pathetic that this is the only activity we can come up with that is still safe, gets us out the house, and good exercise while resetting our psyche. I could just refer to these hikes as recreational. And while these hikes are great, I look forward to one day we can start engaging in other activities as being fun and recreational. What are some of your activities you look forward to once Covid subsides? Please comment, like or follow. Thanks

Happy Life – Yoga/Vegetarian/ Gratitude/Meditation And More…

Granted, happy life is a state of mind, and some say happy wife, happy life.  I am listing out a few things that help me and you can definitely have your own list.  We live in a time when there is quite a bit of anxiety, and that does not help with the state of mind to be happy.  If you find it is hard to get there, there are some smaller, simpler steps.  One is to declutter your space, and a site called gives many helpful guidance.  Once you get started, moving forward in setting up that more peaceful inner space becomes achievable.  Then try any of the yoga, vegetarian, gratitude, meditation, helping others in need, etc.  might begin to bring inner happiness. 

On the subject of happiness, a little buddhist country in the Himalaya between India and China called Bhutan has been said to be the happiest country on earth.  Many philosophical differences to the West exist, but some of the main one seem to be living selflessly, and not in the keeping-up-with-the-Jones.  If in our lives we can achieve just these two, it will probably be an improvement over our materialistic goals.  Of course, I would still advocate FI, but hopefully not in an adverse way of these values.  Let me know what you think, comment, like or follow.  Thx! 

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Tigers Nest Temple in Bhutan
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Gratitude + Yogi + Vegetarianism = Beautiful Life!

That has been my tagline on my WeChat account for a while now, and at the beginning of 2021, I still feel the same way.  I am grateful for the life we have, albeit somewhat restrictive and frustrating.  What is comforting is that we, my wife and I, are both healthy and vibrant!  A large part of keeping sanity is the regular yoga/HIIT/exercise and being vegetarian (or small meat intake).  

I can always wallow in the fact that I am currently unemployed, and there is no steady income, and we are in a pandemic with nowhere to go and hard to find a job.  But instead of rushing through life of materialism and never ending rat race, we now have a chance to contemplate how precious life is and a modified lifestyle can still give us the peace of mind.  I have learned/expanded on my urban farm life by raising more animals, coming to realize that we are all connected, and that life is amazing.  When I used to commute to work everyday in the past, my biggest wish was to be able to stay home with my loved ones and still not worry about money.  Now at least half of it is true and the other half will just work itself out.  

I would always tell anyone that whatever age you start and stay with yoga, your body/appearance will stay at that age.  This is ture so I applaud young people for starting early and also it is always not too late to start.  My trigger time came when one day I bent down to tie my shoelace and I could not reach it.  It is then I realized that to live a good life, I must be willing to put in some work.  It was a process, but after so many years results speak for itself.  Shoot for 3 sessions/week where you sweat buckets and you will be on your way to the best health in your life.  If you find yourself wanting to change your lifestyle for the better, wanting to find motivations to be on this path, please reach out to me since I am never too busy to chat with you.

Photos are taken almost 4 years ago; You can do it too!