Introverted Naomi Osaka Takes A Break – What to Do if You Are An Introvert?

World champion Naomi Osaka refused to attend press conference at French Open, due to her anxiety and being an introvert. Well many of us are introvert and not as accomplished. How do we cope with the extrovert world, be successful and still find that inner peace? We all have the struggle to fit in, to be successful, and still can’t and don’t want to be like an extrovert. So it is important to find that balance of success/external world facing and inner peace/self fulfillment. May Naomi come back strong and may all of us find inner joy & happiness.

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Do You Elderly Care?

My mom turned 96 last week while taking blood samples for a routine check.  Don’t get me wrong, I am eternally grateful she made it this far.  All the sacrifices she made while I was young to support me through college, and all the tireless hours before that raising me, I could go on.  It is my turn to take care of her in her old age, especially after my dad passed away 6 years ago.

When I first started caring for her, she had an almost impossible situation.  She had been using a wheelchair for awhile and her leg muscles atrophied into almost bone sticks and her home care staff cannot lift her out of the chair or standing up, let alone walking on her own.  I asked if she would rather stay difficult to care for, or would she be willing to put in effort to become self-sufficient.  She chose the latter and so we began rehabbing.  6 month later she gained some flexibility and leg muscle growth, another 6 months later she could walk on her own with a walker and do some simple exercise on her own.  

I was really proud of her and glad I took the time to help rehabbing her.  But almost a century old standard of hygiene, living without modern conveniences, makes communicating between us really difficult.  Did I mention she is almost blind with macular degeneration?  So learning new things and using the technology is difficult for her.  I tried several times to show her what technology can assist in vain.  Regardless, I wonder how much more time I would have with her and just hoping to keep her healthy for as long as I can.  What has your elderly care journey been like?  Like, Comment, Share and Follow, Thanks,

Blood work on her birthday!

RIP – Karen Pang

Modeling and fitness world is reeling from the sudden loss of Karen Pang, who tragically died in a snowmobile accident yesterday. I follow many fitness trainers and found out this morning. So young and so much living to celebrate, RIP Karen and my condolence to the her family and friends.

Life is unpredictable and sometimes one cannot plan when/how it ends. Assuming you know you only have a year left, or 3 months, a week, what would you be doing? Tomorrow or accident, which might visit first? Perhaps that may help to see your own priorities in life. Let’s treasure our time in this life time and do things that leaves no regret. Please, comment, like, share or follow. Thanks,

What’s your vibe score?

Vibrational frequency is widely discussed as how we feel and interact with each other and the world.  But what is the gamut of frequencies? Although precise definition could open debate for days, some general consensus might be along these lines:

Main AttributeFrequencyState 
Enlightened(開悟)700 – 1000Oneness, Selfless
Calm(平靜)600Perfection, Peace, Serenity
Joy(喜悅)540Optimistic, Compassionate, Patient
Love (愛)500Beauty in Life, Happiness
Reason(理智)400Wisdom, Creativity
Forgiveness(寬容)350Understanding no right/wrong
Initiative(主動)310Sincerity, Friendly, Openness, Growth
Content(滿意)250Trust, Vitality, Sense of Security
Courage(勇氣)200Living in the moment, Confidence, Affirmation
Pride(驕傲)175Over Inflated Ego, Resisting Growth, Arrogant
Anger(憤怒)150Hate, Corroded Spirit, Complaining
Wants(慾望)125Addicted, Greedy
Fear(恐懼)100Oppressed, Anxious, Withdrawn, Blocking Growth
Sadness(悲傷)75Lost, Dependent, Pessimistic
Callousness(冷淡)50Hopelessness, Self Abandoned
Regret(內疚)30Anguish, Self Balming, Self Denial
Shame(羞愧)20Near Death, Closed Off, Serious Mental Health

For me, I hover between courage and love, mostly weighted toward lower rather than higher frequency.  It will be lifetime’s work to move towards higher frequency so we fulfill our life purpose and be happier.  Let’s all be more aware of the vibe score and how to improve it.  Even if we had a lower score in the past, now is the time to reassess how to go higher.  We can all improve.  Please comment, like or follow, Thanks.