Real Estate 房地產

Hi, Welcome to my real estate page! I am a licensed realtor in Silicon Valley and focused on buyer & seller eduction. There is always the perception of high price for our real estate but why do people continue to buy in this area? It is the other metric buyers set their eyes on: value. If you have set your mind to being in Silicon Valley, for the strong employment, entrepreneurial, multicultural lifestyle, coupled with mild weather and vast outdoor opportunity, AND every like minded folks have the high education, high income who also decided to put down their roots here, we see an much higher starting point than the national average, and even the state average.

To see what is on the market, please visit my real estate website here: And if you see something that peeks your curiosity, text/call me so I can give you more details!


要查看市場上有什麼,請訪問我的房地產網站 如果您看到什麼讓您好奇,請給我發短信/打電話,我可以為您提供更多詳細信息!