ZenjiNet is here to enable easier access to doing good deeds virtually. Please follow so we can show you the needs for the deeds. Starting from SF Bay Area, I am asking for contributors to join together and help our fellow Californians in need. If you have a little bit of time or extra funds, these can help those who need new perspectives, learn to become more self sufficient, find health and happiness during this difficult time.

善事網是一個發願,讓大家有個簡易的助人方式。粉絲們能知道有哪些需要幫助的人或人群,提高醒覺 在自己能力範圍內捐錢。由金山灣區開始,希望友人為其他生活在苦難中的加州居民提供捐獻!在這艱難時期裡,您有一點時間或捐款幫助別人獲得新的觀點 自主 健康 快樂嗎?謝謝