Pandemic Real Estate Market

There are obvious additional difficulties in conducting real estate activities throughout the pandemic.  As you can imagine, no open house is allowed under state-wide order now, so seeing a property takes coordinated effort between the listing and buying agent, taking care to follow all pandemic procedures.  This means masks, and a sign in system recording all visits to the subject property.  And many property showings turned virtual, with a zoom call with an agent walking through the property to show and answer questions.  On the other hand, real estate is still considered essential through the pandemic since we still need to consider moves.  With  the very slim availability, and the usual multiple offers, it is a battlefield to just get into the top 3 offers being considered.  At the end of the day, when your offer is the one being accepted, it is a well deserved celebration. 

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Ps:  If you are interested to see what the market is like, here is the link to my real estate page  Here you can see what your property might be worth, and also listed homes in the area you are interested in.  

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