Happy Life – Yoga/Vegetarian/ Gratitude/Meditation And More…

Granted, happy life is a state of mind, and some say happy wife, happy life.  I am listing out a few things that help me and you can definitely have your own list.  We live in a time when there is quite a bit of anxiety, and that does not help with the state of mind to be happy.  If you find it is hard to get there, there are some smaller, simpler steps.  One is to declutter your space, and a site called becomingminimalist.com gives many helpful guidance.  Once you get started, moving forward in setting up that more peaceful inner space becomes achievable.  Then try any of the yoga, vegetarian, gratitude, meditation, helping others in need, etc.  might begin to bring inner happiness. 

On the subject of happiness, a little buddhist country in the Himalaya between India and China called Bhutan has been said to be the happiest country on earth.  Many philosophical differences to the West exist, but some of the main one seem to be living selflessly, and not in the keeping-up-with-the-Jones.  If in our lives we can achieve just these two, it will probably be an improvement over our materialistic goals.  Of course, I would still advocate FI, but hopefully not in an adverse way of these values.  Let me know what you think, comment, like or follow.  Thx! 

Image result for tiger temple bhutan
Tigers Nest Temple in Bhutan
photo credit: earthtrekkers.com

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