The United States is a country of legal equality, a model many other countries in the world would like to copy. Of course, we on the inside knows that there are many forms of discrimination and that had garnered lots of voice of activists, most notably the BLM movement, along with the LGBT movement.   I sincerely support our getting to a better version of equality through peaceful and unrelenting sharing of understanding with all.

With that, I do want to discuss another form that is not getting so much attention but is real nonetheless.   Particularly in California, we are not supposed to discriminate on any basis, when it comes to housing and employment.  We are all supposed to be blind to color, gender, race, national origin, sex, sexual preference, age, income source, etc. like literally anything.  Ageism does not get much lime light, but when you feel it you feel it.  Like when I look for a job, I can feel it.  It is always very subtle, and basically can’t really prove it, but it’s hard to shake that feeling.  And recently, I spoke to a friend who is in his 50s and he says he was looking for a job and he felt ageism and after a couple of months trying, he quit looking for work.  It seems the job market is looking for the 30s and 40s mainly.  We either pick up an entrepreneurial path or the retired/investor path.  Oh well life goes on and we still have the best political system in the world.  But as many have said it before, freedom is not free and equality still needs to be earned.  Please comment, like or follow!  Thanks!

We love our system, but it still has room for improvements
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