Hero in You

Having studied how Buddhism and chanting could help calming our minds in the last few months, I came to realize most of the goals I had in life had been exclusively for mine and my family’s benefit. Today I turned on some music to relax a bit and heard the song by Mariah Cary, Hero. Tears started to stream down my face; so much lost time, so self-centered goals in life, I was ashamed of not even thinking that helping anyone else could be my thing.

We say God created man in His image. And/or we all have Buddha within us. Somehow, between our childhood when we feel everyone should be equal, to when you look back your own path, realizing that you let so many opportunities go by to make a difference, do good, and fulfill our life purpose. Between all the ROI/Cap Rate and other metrics we use, we forget that what matters in life may not be measured by these metrics.  We look for others to be the heroes helping others, and we hide behind to care for our own livelihood. In the end, we are the heroes we seek. Just be a little braver, care a little more. We can change the world in a small part.

And it is certainly easy to think we want to care and be kind, but to really do some good it will take real action.  I am setting aside $500 to help homeless people, by donating to a non-profit group called ShelterSuit.  Each suit cost $60 and I would like to do a matching donation (receiving a $30 donation, match $30 to get one suit).  With the matched donation of $960 we can buy 16 suits to help 16 individuals from cold/rain.  Not a big number, but please help so more homeless folks can benefit.  ShelterSuit founder ( a young Dutch designer Bas Timmer) also calls for a one night Sleep Out.  See more details at https://sheltersuit.com/about-us/.   Please like, comment or follow, Thanks!

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