Recreational Hikes

In deed, during the lock down or stay at home in the past year, gyms/clubs closed, restaurants closed, most other entertainment venues closed, bars/gathering places closed, no/very little travel, so even if you had money, there weren’t many places for people to go to. Gyms had to be brought back in home, and on-line fitness classes saw a huge increase in popularity as (I hope) all of us tried to stay fit physically. But of course, we are all feeling semi-depressed since we can only have very limited contact to the outside world.

So for some, like myself, taking hikes became a way to be social and get out of the house and hopefully out of the madness for a short while to reset. My brother-in-law has been coming to meet with us once a week on weekends to go hiking and afterwards dinner at home. I am happy to say that in Northern California (Bay Area), we see weather where almost all year round hiking is possible. We are surrounding by plenty of hill & mountain ranges to have many great hiking trails. It does feel good to be on the trail to enjoy better air and sometimes we don’t even need the mask if the trail is free of other hikers. A good 2 – 4 hours spent in hiking and getting there/back gives us good appetite for the dinner, whatever we happen to cook. It is usually a therapeutic experience and helps to reset our mind. It is a bit pathetic that this is the only activity we can come up with that is still safe, gets us out the house, and good exercise while resetting our psyche. I could just refer to these hikes as recreational. And while these hikes are great, I look forward to one day we can start engaging in other activities as being fun and recreational. What are some of your activities you look forward to once Covid subsides? Please comment, like or follow. Thanks

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